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Maximize your brand's potential with our results-driven digital marketing agency in Bangladesh. From strategic planning to data-backed insights, we deliver impactful campaigns that achieve measurable success and drive your business forward.

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Our digital marketing services for scalable and sustainable growth

Best digital marketing company in Dhaka. We provide digital marketing services with the intention to increase sales. Our recommendations will fulfill all our aims.

Search Marketing

Improve your site's search engine traffic and use INTELLEC IT for SEO, so you can expect a comprehensive and specialized solution designed for your company by experts that produces measurable results.

PPC Ad Marketing

We will use PPC Ad marketing to promote your company online, ensuring that your advertising appears in front of the appropriate people at the right time.

Social Media

Our experts can give your company an integrated social media plan to improve your online presence, build brand recognition, promote participation, generate traffic, and boost leads and sales.

Web design and development

We design and develop websites that attract and retain visitors, improve conversion rates, and expand revenue streams.

Content Marketing

Maximize brand awareness, increase organic reach, and generate leads for your business! Hire a top rated content marketing service today.

Website Maintenance

Creating a website may be a one-time activity but regular updation in the form of images, inventory, blogs, contents, etc is equally important to keep the users engaged. Intellec IT can help you to Maintenance websites.


Intellec IT Best Digital Marketing Company In Dhaka

Intellec IT is the one of best digital marketing agency in Dhaka. Intellec IT is a full-service digital marketing agency offers a wide range of services, including search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, social media marketing, email marketing, and website design and development. They have a team of experienced professionals who specialize in various areas of digital marketing and work closely with clients to develop customized strategies that align with their business goals.

Our Working Process

Your business runs in a world of competition. We learn what you do, think about how to make it better, and get you results. There are a few steps in between, of course! But we’ll skip those for now.

Understand Client Business

Understand Client Business

Analyze Opportunities

Analyze Opportunities

Execute Strategy

Execute Strategy

Update Process Report

Update Process Report

Best Digital Marketing Company in Bangladesh

Marketing has changed! Days are gone! Today SMEs and SMB entities are dominating the market. Because they don’t need to spend a lot of money on traditional marketing such as television commercials, print ads, billboards, etc. This is the age of online marketing that drastically reduces the need for a large marketing team. 

Whether your business is focused on an eCommerce business, a real estate company, a manufacturing company, or a service company, we can help you reach the right customers through our inbound digital marketing strategies.

Best Ad Firm in Bangladesh to Skyrocket Leads & Sales

We are a leading ad agency in Bangladesh for effective Ad campaigns driven by research, design, and storytelling. Today every single person uses the internet. They could be your online customers! If you can properly market your products or services through digital media channels and Ad campaigns, you will win the race. Because in the digital platform the difference between big and small companies is really very small. This is where Bizcope helps you.

If you want to hit the road, call us immediately. Let us craft the best digital strategy for you that will skyrocket your profits and take your company to the highest pick. 

Intellec IT at a Glance

We are experts in digital growth, assisting aspirational brands like yours to push boundaries and make an impact. We develop plans that unleash the growth potential of your company by utilizing best practices in digital marketing and data-driven insights


Are you ready to begin your journey toward digital growth?

Intellec IT is one of the best digital marketing company in Dhaka. offering best online marketing consultant in Dhaka and implementing industry-specific digital marketing solutions. We are firm devotees that our success will be directly related to the success of our customers in accomplishing the goals and aims they have set for their businesses. We work at full capacity, which allows us to build genuine relationships with our clients and companies. 

Grow Your Business With The Best Online Marketing Company

Through our proven Digital Marketing services we can help you get more traffic, help you convert those traffic into customers, and customers into advocates of your brand. Today Bizcope is a leading SEO service provider company in Bangladesh because of the results we provide our clients day-in and day-out.

Why Does Your Business Need a
Digital Marketing Company?

Still, doing old ways to market your business? In this digital age, it is not enough to use the old marketing tricks. As the world is moving to online marketing you need to move there as well. This is why your business needs to hire the best digital marketing agency in Bangladesh. digiSocial Limited Providing Affordable Digital Marketing Services in Bangladesh to Solve Your Problems


Our past volumes testimony the efficiency we bring.

We don’t bring just traffic. We bring loyal brand engagement with surpassing year-on-year growth

Why Choose Intellec IT as Your Results-Driven Digital Marketing Agency in Bangladesh?

Our modernistic outlook on search engine optimization, social media marketing, and all the other digital points makes us different from other online marketing companies worldwide and puts us at the top of the competition.

  • 25+ Well Trained Experts
  • 6+ years of Industry Experience
  • Dedicated Digital Expert
  • Flexibility of Contracts
  • We Put customers first
  • Excellent Communication

25+ Well Trained Experts

Our teams consist of highly motivated, smart, and creative web designers, web developers, SEO experts, content writers, and social media professionals who know the best what it takes to help grow your brand online. With a combination of a stellar team and advanced technology, we work every day to help our clients achieve their dreams. Our team includes industry veterans and experts, who have decades of experience in their respective fields, as well as fresh graduates with impressive credentials.

6+ years of Industry Experience

We are the first choice of customers for Digital Marketing from the last 6 years. We’ve got a diverse group of individuals who are drawn together by a common goal: helping our clients grow. We are dedicated to finding the right solution for every client. Since we’ve been at this for years, we know how important it is to have a complete strategy that includes all of these channels and their optimal use. That’s why we offer full-service strategies to each of our clients—and why we use a combination of digital channels to increase visibility, conversions, and revenue.


Dedicated Digital Expert

We will provide you a dedicated Digital Marketing manager who will work according to your time zone and answer your questions and queries within 30 minutes. Our digital marketing managers will also co-ordinate with your team members as well if required and come with monthly suggestions for your business success. He will also be available to conduct one on one meetings and report to you regarding all the weekly tasks.

Flexible Contract

We do not lock clients with contracts. But we work wonderfully well and the majority of the clients stay with us for the positive and fulfilling experience they receive and form long term relationships. It is our company’s USP to impress the client with the best results, hence offering value of customer’s time and money. With this positive approach, most of our clients are working with us for the last 7 years seeking digital marketing services for their brands.

We Put customers first

At SEO Discovery, we value our clients needs, time and money. During the start of the contract, you will also be shared contact details of the CEO, so that you can directly reach him in case of concern. Our CEO goes extra miles to resolve problems, offer better solutions and execute things in an excellent manner. We put our clients needs first and strategize our plans of action accordingly to ensure we are able to meet their needs in an effective manner.

Excellent Communication

We know how important clear and effective communication is. That is why, it is our top priority to reply to customers within a short time on email, whatsapp and other preferable channels of communication. Our digital marketing specialists would be available according to your time zones and always open to take the call for quick solutions. We are very proud to say that we have been offering digital marketing services for the last 6 years without a single complaint.


Clients are more than just clients to us.

They are our partners and our extended families! Meet some of the prestigious members of our family


Our Strategic Partners.

They are our partners and our extended families! Meet some of the prestigious members of our family


Work that speaks for us

We build effective strategies to achieve the objectives of the brands. Look at some of our exceptional

work for brands done by our B2B & B2C digital marketing consultants and experts.

Increased an Indian advertising agency's organic traffic to 65%

Digital launch of the UK Hair Transplant Clinic

Increased an Indian advertising agency's organic traffic to 65%

World-Class Digital Marketing Strategy
that Delivers Exceptional Results.


The first step in our process is to identify the SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) of the business. We need to know it all as it simplifies the process of pinpointing issues, forming a workable plan, and then resolving them. Ultimately, it sheds light on areas that require attention. Due to the benefits of understanding strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, we ensure that it forms the foundation of every project.


We offer remarketing services aimed at reengaging paying customers with your business. Remarketing is a powerful tool that can boost your revenue and expand your company as those exposed to retargeted ads are 80% more likely to make a conversion. Our expert remarketing team initiates a competitive Pay-Per-Click campaign capable of generating sales, leads, and a remarkable tenfold increase in revenue.


We don't simply start a campaign and leave it be. We consistently evaluate the outcomes of our efforts over several months to determine if we've achieved our initial objectives. As India's best internet marketing service provider, we adapt and execute our strategies accordingly. This approach is geared towards achieving successful outcomes. If we discover that our strategy hasn't performed as intended, we can promptly introduce fresh, actionable adjustments.


After identifying areas requiring attention, our next step is to establish goals. We prioritize areas that need improvement. For instance, if we find that a brand is proficient at generating leads but struggles with conversions, that becomes our focal point. This step is crucial because setting goals provides us with a clear direction to follow, much like constructing a pathway toward success.


After outlining our plan's framework, our digital marketing team utilizes the gathered information to pinpoint the best channels for brand promotion and customer engagement, defining the tactics crucial to our strategy's success. This step is like adding final touches to our meticulously built structure, making it a pivotal part of our approach.


A Buyer Persona is a constructed profile derived from research, designed to represent the specific group that a business aims to target. The reason we focus on this is that it helps us learn about the ideal customer, forming the foundation of our strategy. Ultimately, this profile allows us to anticipate the advantages and disadvantages of our plans in advance, providing us with a clear vision of what actions to take and what to avoid.


Turning valuable prospects into loyal partners
and advocates takes expertise.

Here’s a repository of the industry’s best tips, trends, practices, tools, and stats.